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The Fortress, Balumgala

By Rome Hotels & Resorts

Local Heritage Tours

Experience the mysticism of central Sri Lanka's majestic tea plantations, railway museums and local temples. 


Your tour of the Central Highland's local heritage sites will take you to

The National Railway Museum of Sri Lanka - home to an intricate history of British and Sri Lankan ingenuity which was opened in 2014 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of railway service in Sri Lanka.

The Geragama Tea Factory - which offers access to some of Asia's most exquisite teas. Enjoy the aromas and flavours of Sri Lanka during your personalised tea tour.

The Neligala Rock Temple - a hidden gem on the sight-seeing landscape, this recently refurbished rock temple which offers incredible views of the sunset, whilst affording visitors a spiritual reconnection.

This tour package consists of a travel snack, water and soft drinks, transportation, entrance fee to planned locations and an experienced Tour Guide.

9am - 12.30pm


Combined Tours - USD 30 per person | Private Tours - USD 50 per person

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