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Rome Hotels & Resorts

Where Luxury Meets Relaxation

Timeless Experiences

Best Boutique Hotels in Sri Lanka

Rome Hotels & Resorts offers world-class travelers and local residents an exotic escape into tranquil living, spiritual rejuvenation and serene comfort.

Be inspired as your most vivid fantasies of luxury, comfort and paradise come to life in a symphony of endless harmony.

Discover your most precious memories amidst the beauty and decadence of Rome Hotels & Resorts.

Where luxury meets relaxation
Rooms with garden balconies
Complimentary bathroom amenities
Sunrise breakfast - Specialty dining
Soothing interiors
The Fortress,Balumgala, a hidden gem
The Fortress,Balumgala, a hidden gem
Gourmet Dining options
Specialty Dining
Outdoor dining options

Now Open For Bookings

The Fortress, Balumgala

Choose from several designer luxury rooms, created to soothe the soul and relax the mind. The Fortress, Balumgala consists of seven [07] hotel rooms that promote a sense of privacy, exclusivity and tranquility.

Book The Fortress, Balumgala in Sri Lanka for your next holiday stay.

Coming Soon

Adventure Villas

Located in paradise island's up-country and centered around adventure and experiential holidays in Sri Lanka, Rome Hotels & Resorts is scheduled to launch its second boutique hotel property in Sri Lanka

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