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The Fortress, Balumgala

By Rome Hotels & Resorts

Luxe Dining

Immerse yourself in a holiday experience at The Fortress, Balumgala.

Enjoy an experience that not only rejuvenates the mind, body and soul, but also offers world-class dining at its signature restaurant and via its private dining options.

Signature Restaurant

The Railroad

Dine at The Fortress, Balumgala's signature restaurant

With interiors that mimic the old-world charm of Kadugannawa, with distinct British-Colonial influences, The Railroad is designed using railway aesthetics and modern accents of furniture.


From flavoursome local cuisine, created to suit a world-class palette; to international fare that teases the senses and delights the soul, enjoy an epicurean experience that transcends the 'now'.

Open from 6am - midnight​,

exclusively for in-house guests.

Sunrise Breakfast

Start your journey to complete relaxation as you let your body and soul enjoy a breakfast suited for royalty.


Overlooking the intricate railway line that meanders across the Central highland's majestic mountain side, experience an epicurean journey as you watch the trains pass-by.


Perched upon a centuries old rock formation which has stood the test of time through war, climate change and modernisation, originally as a look-out point for the Kandian Kingdom, visitors to this rock have been told to return from it feeling refreshed and at balance with the world that surrounds them.

Be a part of Sri Lanka's secret history of love, war and decadence as you let your soul be connected with the mysticism that surrounds the gateway to the Kandian Kingdom.

Book in advance to experience this popular, private dining option

Private Barbecue

Nothing connects a soul to the here and now, than a hearty meal centered around the offering of soul food.

While away your evening at Rome Hotels & Resorts, hidden gem in Sri Lanka as your enjoy a private barbecue set to the backdrop of the great outdoors. 

Revel in the beauty of serenity, as you spend an evening of beauty and comfort in the fusion flavours of upcountry Sri Lanka.


Book your Private Barbecue - uniquely created every single time to make your memory and experience, that much more special.

Dining Under The Stars

The Fortress, Balumgala, offers the perfect seat to admire the endless night sky.

With millions of stars framing the moon, in all her glory - be awe-inspired as you become a part of the greater world and all its natural charm. 

Experience a night of romance in simplicity, as the old-world charm of The Fortress, Balumgala transports you to a time of romance, charm and youthful folly.

Offering a selected menu of fine-dining options, let your heart and soul rejoice as you experience a truly memorable evening.


Book your private Dining Under The Stars experience. 

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