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The Fortress, Balumgala

By Rome Hotels & Resorts

Sembuwatta Tour

Let your adrenaline take over, as you spend a memorable day at Sembuwatta Lake.

The Sembuwatta Lake is a tourist attraction situated in the Central Highlands of beautiful Sri Lanka, next to the Campbell’s Lane Forest Reserve.


A man-made lake created with natural spring water, visitors can enjoy a day of basking in the sun and swimming in the natural pool alongside this spectacular lake.

From rifle shooting to kayaking; to a 450 foot cable ride topped off with a hearty Sri Lankan lunch, round up your experience of Sri Lanka's up-country with a spectacular day out in the cool climes of the Kandian Kingdom.


This tour package consists of a travel snack, water and soft drinks, lunch, transportation, entrance fee to planned locations and an experienced Tour Guide.

11am - 5pm


Combined Tours - USD 75 per person | Private Tours - USD 125 per person

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