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Fort Dew Café

By Rome Hotels & Resorts

Luxe Dining

Immerse yourself in a culinary experience at Fort Dew Café - Rooftop Dining, Galle Fort.

Enjoy an experience that not rejuvenates the mind, body and soul, through an authentic world-class rooftop dining experience.

Open to both in-house guests and visitors of the Galle Fort.

The Home of authenticity in flavour

Fort Dew Café

Dine at our rooftop café

With interiors that mimic the cool, lush greens of tropical Sri Lanka, coupled with local, up-cycled wood furniture, as a diner of the café, you can enjoy the subtle colonial architectural intricacies and local design accents.

Revel in the beauty of serenity, overlooking the Indian Ocean as you spend an evening of beauty and comfort in the fusion flavours of Sri Lanka.


From flavoursome local cuisine, created to suit a world-class palette; to international fare that teases the senses and delights the soul, enjoy an epicurean experience that transcends the 'now'.

Open from 10am - 10pm​,

open to in-house guests and visitors to Galle, Sri Lanka.

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