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Rome Hotels & Resorts

Where Luxury Meets Relaxation

Timeless Experiences

Best Boutique Hotels in Sri Lanka

Best Boutique Hotels in Sri Lanka

Rome Hotels & Resorts offers world-class travelers and local residents an exotic escape into tranquil living, spiritual rejuvenation and serene comfort. 


Become inspired as your most vivid fantasies of luxury, comfort and paradise come to life in a symphony of endless harmony.


Discover your most precious memories amidst the beauty and decadence of

Rome Hotels & Resorts.

Traverse the path of this unique brand as the Rome Hotels & Resorts brand story is told through each exclusive property offered to its global clientele. 

From the 'Phoenix Orientem' to the 'Stratera' symbol found in every aspect of Rome Hotels & Resorts, become engrossed in this truly mystifying brand.


Offering luxury hotels & resorts in locations akin to paradise. Promoting serenity, relaxation and decadence, through timeless holiday experiences in Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka’s number one private boutique hotel provider.

Built on four [04] brand pillars and beliefs of

Quality, Integrity, Serenity and Exclusivity

where its distinct combination creates the ultimate 

Luxury Experience

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